“FIFA18” single-leg rotation video teaching how to do one-leg rotation

What is One Foot Spin? Handle button how to proceed? How to grasp the direction of rotation? What are the operating skills? How to dizzy opponents in actual combat, to be an ankle terminator? Let’s take a look at the “FIFA18” single-legged rotating video teaching!

One Foot Spin, Chinese translation is called one-legged rotation, the player will be based on the foot of the axis, to a moonlight, like a ballet, smart and elegant.

This is FIFA18 new addition to the action, there are like tornadoes, the ball was over, Okco also pick the ball this year added, but one foot spin in these moves which is the most practical.

This is a 4-star action game in which a large number of players can make it. Button method is very simple, the right joystick under, right, or under, left, just gently dial two can, turn right to dial the right, turn left to dial left, according to different situations, we want Choose a different direction.

It should be noted that the direction we refer to here is a relative direction, based on the direction the player is facing, and that your actual operating keys vary according to the orientation of the players in the screen. For example, from left to right attack, the player facing the right, the direction of the right rocker toggle should be left, up, or left, down, this point you must understand.

This action is a very practical action, when the players move out of the rotation speed is very fast, so often surprise, knocked off the defensive players. I have prepared a large number of examples for you in the video and have a look at these balls that I entered, hoping to be inspired by you.

In general, I will go in one direction first. When my opponent’s pace is about to be synchronized with me, I suddenly use one foot spin to kill the carbine. The opponent is often caught off guard. After I open the space, I can shoot it.

It should be noted that one foot spin rotation radius is very small, probably only one body space. You have to consider the time of the move, in principle, the more tight the defensive team personal, we use the higher the success rate of this action. Of course, the situation is always changing, and sometimes the defender is not tight, but because he is moving we use the one foot spin and maybe create a good one.

You can also try to use this action two times in a row, three times, and several times. If you do not hit it well, you will break it twice and stun your opponent. Of course, the premise is that you need to have a rapid response and accurate operation, as we mentioned earlier, the direction of the right rocker toggle is a relative direction, in the repeated use of this action, you have to quickly realize the actual What exactly is the direction of the press, and press exactly.

For example, in the case of the end of the video, I conducted three different directions respectively, all in an instant press.

NBA2K18 dribble action operating guide latest dribble operation encyclopedia

NBA 2K18 is produced by the 2K Games production and distribution of a basketball sports game, is the popular series “NBA 2K” the latest orthodox sequel. Xiao Bian today to bring NBA2K18 dribble action operating guide, take a look at it!

Sprint: Press the RT key + in any direction to push the left joystick
Iconic rhythm Dribble: Push the right rocker toward the rim and release quickly
Sign fancy dribble combination: continuous dial the right joystick to stand dribble action to trigger a special sign Akira dribble action
After cutting the outer band: 摁 down the right rocker toward the basket
EMERGENCY STOP: Gently push the right stick toward the golfer
Emergency stop everyone: RT key + toward the direction of the golfer to promote the right rocker and then quickly released
Cross-dribbling: Point the right stick toward the non-ball-holding hand
Cross dribble to get rid of: RT key + toward the non-golfer push the right rocker (original dribble)
Crotch Dribble: Point the right rocker behind a non-golfer and player
Behind the cross-dribble: Gently press the right stick away from the basket
Back step: RT + push the right stick toward the basket
Turn around: Turn your right stick on the outside of your shoulder
Half-turn: Turn the right rocker 1/4 turn from the dominant hand toward the basket, then quickly return to the center
Threatened Threats: Jog the Right Rocker Left, Right, or Forward (Under Triple Threat)
Triple Threat Set: Push the right rocker toward the rim and release quickly (triple threat)
Triple threat backstep: RT + push the right stick toward the basket in the opposite direction (when triple threat)
Triple threat Turn around to break through: Turn the right stick in one of the directions (when under triple threat)

FIFA18 cost-effective king: the English Premier Gods will be here, who dare to make second?

The FIFA Dream Team is the most popular soccer game, crafted from an annual football match. Players complete the challenge by tearing their bags to trade players to do their best to form their own dream team.

However, even if you spend real money in FIFA 18 to buy the star card package, there is no guarantee that you can get Guards C Lo. So most of the teams are built around a core group of players, some of which are often undervalued and dubbed “cost-effective” demons in gamers.
Next, football enough to bring you a list of groups used to build dreams, the best players under the price of 2000, so you avoid bankruptcy, a million to buy Nei Maer or Messi and other big names.

◆ FIFA Dream Team: the most cost-effective goalkeeper
In addition to the top goalkeepers like Neuer and Deheya, most first-rate goalkeepers are cheaper. Some goalkeepers with a score of 84 or 83 topped 5,000, but the goalkeeper, who performed at a similar rate of 81,82 compared to the performance, was a little bit too far behind, after all, the latter would save you a quarter of the budget.
In the FIFA 18, Boutland continues the stunning performance of 17, which is certainly a better bet than Joe Hart of the same price. And in the league mode, if you give up Neuer or Bernd Leno, the scorecard, plenty of affordable goalkeepers also offer you many options for options.
In La Liga mode, 88 points out of Young O’Brack beyond the tolerance of many people, but also, we also have some cost-effective goalkeepers, such as Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Kopa Ali Sabalaga, Barcelona’s Jasper Celeson, and Valencia’s Neto.

◆ FIFA Dream Team: the most cost-effective defender
Speed ​​this year is also an important factor in judging the usefulness of a guard. However, with many players starting to focus on team defense as much as Mourinho in the game, defense’s defensive ability and fitness have become important. Therefore, strong and quick guard became the first choice.
Most well-behaved guards have risen above 2000 this year, but you can buy bucks like Antonio Rudig (Chelsea) and Jonathan-Tach (Werkuchen) for a lower price than this Genius core guard. After you’ve lowered your spending requirements, you can explore some of the same rough jade-like United States defender John Brooks. Arsenal star Kolasinaz as an all-around defender poor speed, but it also reduced his price, and his other aspects of the data is impressive.

◆ FIFA Dream Team: the most cost-effective midfield
Following last season’s outstanding performance in the Federal League, Renato-Sanchez once again proved his strength in this season’s Premier League. In this modest FIFA 18, his data even better than the reality. Compared to the more expensive Engelo-Canter and Timothy Bakecjoin, Sanchez is undoubtedly a cost-effective super midfield.
Wayne – Wayne Rooney super shot data makes him a love favorite midfielder players good heart in the game is very useful, and Juventus rental this season, Costa, after the former Chelsea winger Juan – Quadra Multi-phase help, guard rhythm greatly enhanced. In the FUT, these players are available for less than 2000 to buy.
In La Liga mode, there are a large number of excellent midfields for players to choose below 1500. Among them, Ben Alpha’s star technology for any one team will be icing on the cake.

◆ FIFA Dream Team: the most cost-effective striker
At the start of FIFA 18, fast forwards such as Werner and Stirling can cost as much as 10,000, but now the player’s prices have stabilized and you can consider spending just under 2,000 to buy some fast forwards. Both Italy and Belgium have a large number of cost-effective forwards based on the top five European leagues, so Belgium is the most cost-effective option if you are not looking to build a club-type team.
Many first-class Premier League forwards are well below 1000, Gold, Gray and Mussa are both very fast players, and Babujay is undoubtedly the better choice at the same price, though at a slower pace, But other data are among the best.
Balotelli from Nice and Praia and Inmaeble from Lazio and Felipe Anderson are also on the list, and they can also shine and heat in the mix and match team.

xofifa GAME ON FIFA 18 Everything you need to know about the Team of the Year

FIFA 18 fans will this month be treated to some of the most powerful Ultimate Team cards available, as EA Sports unveils the Team of the Year.

Along with blue IF cards, they’ll be several FUT pack offers, themed cards, kits and squad building challenges.

But it’s not all good news. As thousands of gamers open packs, the market will see price falls on an immense scale.

Here, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know to make the most out of the period. Let’s kick off.

Q: What is the Team of the Year?
A: TOTY is a team of IF players released on a yearly basis. Select players will be rewarded blue In Form cards, based on their real performance on the previous civil year.

Q: When is the Team of the Year released?
A: Usually the Team of the Year is released in mid-January. Last year’s campaign kicked off on January 9 and ran until January 16.

Q: How will EA Sports reveal the players?
A: Last year, EA started with the goalkeeper before working through the defence, midfield and ending with the strikers.

Q: Just how much of an upgrade will players get?
A: Huge. Nearly every player will get scores well into the 90s, with Cristiano Ronaldo getting a near-perfect 99 score last year.

Just take a look at last year’s team (below) to get an idea.

Q: What is the difference between Team of the Year and Team of the Season?
A: Last year’s TOTY consisted of players who played well during the calendar year, according to the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro).

The TOTS has nothing to do with the calendar year – but related to players of each league who have played well during the season. They are not chosen by FIFPro members.

There are rumours that this year’s TOTY will be voted for by the community – although nothing has been confirmed.

Q: Will there be a market crash?
A: A crash may be putting it strongly, but there will be certainly be a lot of fluctuation. Some gamers may sell some of their best players to fund pack openings.

Q: How many players are selected for the TOTY?
A: Eleven. The TOTY is made up of 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards, where each category can contain a player in any position.

Q: How many nominees does the Team of the Year have?
A: 55.

Q: Are TOTWs released in the Team of the Year week?
A: Yes. Team of the Week will still be released every Wednesday.

Q: How easy is to find FIFA 18 TOTY cards in FUT packs?
A: Not easy at all. These cards are extremely rare.

Q: What FUT packs will give me the best chance to find TOTY cards?
A: TOTY players can be found in any pack with rare gold players – but don’t go mad, you’ll be extremely lucky if you find one.

Q: When is the best time to open packs?
A: As soon as possible, as you don’t want to be competing for any TOTY players in the market.

According to fan website FIFAUTEAM, your chances of finding one of these cards are two times higher than in the first two days and three times higher than in the other days.

Q: How much would they cost if I bought them?
A: TOTY cards are eye-wateringly expensive. Ronaldo, for example, cost nearly four million FUT coins at peak price last year.

Everyone will want them, too – so it’s a slog.

Q: Are there any players who made the team last year but will struggle this year?
A: Ronaldo’s place could be in serious doubt.

The FIFA 18 cover star has struggled to emulate his Ballon d’Or winning form in the past few months – although admittedly he’s picked up again recently.

We can’t see Luis Suarez making the cut either – especially given how well Harry Kane and Neymar have played.

Kylian Mbappe could be a wildcard entry too, although he’s probably just going to miss the cut this year.

Q: What players have been nominated this year?

A: Here is the shortlist of the nominees:

🇮🇹 Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus
🇪🇸 David de Gea, Manchester United
🇨🇷 Keylor Navas, Real Madrid
🇩🇪 Manuel Neuer, FC Bayern München
🇸🇮 Jan Oblak, Atlético Madrid

🇦🇹 David Alaba, FC Bayern München
🇪🇸 Jordi Alba, FC Barcelona
🇧🇷 Dani Alves, Paris Saint-Germain
🇩🇪 Jérôme Boateng, FC Bayern München
🇮🇹 Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus/AC Milan
🇪🇸 Dani Carvajal, Real Madrid
🇮🇹 Giorgio Chiellin, Juventus
🇺🇾 Diego Godín, Atlético Madrid
🇩🇪 Mats Hummels, FC Bayern München
🇩🇪 Phillipp Lahm, FC Bayern München/retired
🇧🇷 David Luiz, Chelsea FC
🇧🇷 Marcelo, Real Madrid
🇦🇷 Javier Mascherano, FC Barcelona
🇵🇹 Pepe, Real Madrid/Besiktaş
🇪🇸 Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona
🇪🇸 Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
🇧🇷 Thiago Silva, Paris Saint-Germain
🇫🇷 Samuel Umtiti, FC Barcelona
🇪🇨 Antonio Valencia, Manchester United
🇫🇷 Raphaël Varane, Real Madrid

🇪🇸 Thiago Alcântara, FC Bayern München
🇪🇸 Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona
🇧🇷 Casemiro, Real Madrid
🇧🇷 Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool FC
🇧🇪 Eden Hazard, Chelsea FC
🇪🇸 Andrés Iniesta, FC Barcelona
🇪🇸 Isco, Real Madrid
🇫🇷 N’Golo Kanté, Chelsea FC
🇩🇪 Toni Kroos, Real Madrid
🇷🇸 Nemanja Matić, Chelsea/Manchester United
🇭🇷 Luka Modrić, Real Madrid
🇩🇪 Mesut Özil, Arsenal FC
🇫🇷 Paul Pogba, Manchester United
🇮🇹 Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain
🇨🇱 Arturo Vidal, FC Bayern München

🇬🇧 Gareth Bale, Real Madrid
🇫🇷 Karim Benzema, Real Madrid
🇺🇾 Edinson Cavani, Paris Saint-Germain
🇦🇷 Paulo Dybala, Juventus
🇫🇷 Antoine Griezmann, Atlético Madrid
🇸🇪 Zlatan Ibrahimović, Manchester United
🇬🇧 Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur
🇵🇱 Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern München
🇧🇪 Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United
🇫🇷 Kylian Mbappé, AS Monaco/Paris Saint-Germain
🇦🇷 Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona
🇧🇷 Neymar JR, Barcelona/Paris Saint-Germain
🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid
🇨🇱 Alexis Sánchez, Arsenal FC
🇺🇾 Luis Suárez, FC Barcelona

8 Future Stars Who’ll Make You Coins in FIFA 18

We dive deep into the best rising talent and hidden gems who’ll make for sound investments in FIFA Ultimate Team.

When a new FIFA game comes out, the transfer market is a strange place. Stats are based on last season, and people will still be buying the biggest stars in order to make the best team the fastest way possible.

But what if you had a cheat sheet from somewhere, perhaps people had studied the form, the stats, and analysed who would become worth decent coins because they are due a good season. What if there were players you didn’t even know were good, because you’re too busy buying Özil and Griezmann? Luckily for you, we’re here with a bit of inside advice that may not only help you win games, but help you make bank further down the line. Go on, you’re welcome.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan)

At 18 years old, it’s perhaps a shock that Milan’s goalkeeper is in this list. But given that his FIFA 17 original card started out with an overall rating of 76 before the winter update saw him rise to 78, with two team of the week cards throughout the season, it’s likely his stats are going to rise again for FIFA 18, and at such a young age, we wouldn’t be shocked to see them get an update later in the season as well. If you can find him cheap (his base card is around 2,500 currently), or pack him, you absolutely must keep hold of him. Donnarumma is a player whose stock is constantly rising, and if you get him, he’ll make you coins later on.

Demarai Gray (Leicester)

As a silver card, you might be thinking “why would I want him?”, but there’s a chance his stats will be upgraded for FIFA 18 and he’ll become gold. Right now his shooting and passing is low, but in the season just gone he scored an incredible goal against Manchester United which will surely help his shooting stats go up. He’s likely to have a better season this coming term, too, so grabbing him early before people realise how tasty he is means you can sell him later when his value is high, especially when you consider we’ve found him with a Buy It Now price of 2,000 coins.

Wendell (Bayer Leverkusen)

As a highly rated left back for around 2,000 coins, this Brazilian-born player is still improving. But the key to his price going up is that he plays in the same league as Aubameyang, and people are always building Bundesliga teams around that player. Once people start to cotton on, his price will go up. You might not make tens of thousands, but you’ll make a profit on this lad eventually.

Emre Mor (Dortmund)

Just like Demarai Gray, Mor is currently a silver card. Incredibly though, he went from a Bronze to a Silver in FIFA 17 which means his silver card goes for 5,000 coins already. At 19 years old he’s obviously still improving, but that’s a rapid rate for any player. Currently sat on 87 pace and 84 dribbling, this right winger is going to get more and more expensive. Pop him in a team with Wendell (above) and Aubameyang (if you can afford him) and play with him until he hits a good selling price.

Wendell (Bayer Leverkusen)

As a highly rated left back for around 2,000 coins, this Brazilian-born player is still improving. But the key to his price going up is that he plays in the same league as Aubameyang, and people are always building Bundesliga teams around that player. Once people start to cotton on, his price will go up. You might not make tens of thousands, but you’ll make a profit on this lad eventually.

Emre Mor (Dortmund)

Just like Demarai Gray, Mor is currently a silver card. Incredibly though, he went from a Bronze to a Silver in FIFA 17 which means his silver card goes for 5,000 coins already. At 19 years old he’s obviously still improving, but that’s a rapid rate for any player. Currently sat on 87 pace and 84 dribbling, this right winger is going to get more and more expensive. Pop him in a team with Wendell (above) and Aubameyang (if you can afford him) and play with him until he hits a good selling price.

Charly Musonda (Chelsea, sort of)

One of the numerous Chelsea players who has never actually played for Chelsea, but has gone out on loan. Musonda is a wild card because you cannot predict what team he’ll be playing for, and thus how well he’ll perform. As a 77 rated left side midfielder he’s going to be a low risk investment, but with 88 pace and 83 dribbling (in FIFA 17) there’s the potential he could suddenly skyrocket in value as an affordable quick, skilful player. We bought him for 1,000 coins, and adding a Hunter consumable will increase his speed even more. Bonus!

Inaki Williams (Athletic Bilbao)

Our last tip is a young right winger who has been scouted by Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. His FIFA 17 stats have him at an outrageous 92 pace, with shooting, passing, and dribbling all in the 70s range. If he does get a move to English football, he’ll likely start at a higher price anyway, but either way, we think Williams is a player on the up who could, with an overall 80 rating, easily add to your squad for around 2,500 coins and sell on in the future.


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry Tips Guide

When building your ultimate team, it’s important to focus on a couple of things. These things will help you to get the perfect chemistry and get a good working ultimate team.

Firstly it’s important to focus on the color of the player position below the player card.
Green: The player card is on the right position. The player will play on his best, for example highest work rate and passing skills.
Orange: Player card is on a ok spot in the formation. The player will play on a normal level. It could be better.
Red: The player card is on a wrong position, the player will not play very well, and the connection to other players will not be perfect.

Secondly it’s important to check the lines which connects the players.
Green: The linked player cards link good with each other. The link is good quality because the players are in the same league, same country, or playing in a team together. So these are three factors you’ve to mind, when connecting two of the three factors you’ll get a green line between the player cards. The chemistry will be perfect in your FUT 18 team.
Orange: The player cards linked are in the same league, playing in the same team or are from the same country. When only one of those factors is relevant between player cards the line will be orange.
Red: The player cards linked to each other don’t have any or the three factors needed to create chemistry. Your team won’t connect perfectly.

Beginners Tips for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Plan Ahead

Even seasoned Ultimate Team players are guilty of buying a player on the market and then realizing they won’t fit into their current squad or a hybrid they’re building due to chemistry reasons. This is an annoying mistake to make because it means you not only have to go back onto the market and find the player you really want, but it also is a waste of your coins. Even if you manage to sell the player bought at the price you paid, you’ll lose money because of the tax on the market.

To avoid this problem, plan the squad you want to build ahead of time. Since FIFA 15 there has been the Concept Squad feature which allows you to place the players you want to buy in squad to see how the chemistry lines up before you even buy them. Alternatively you could use sites like Futhead which has a squad builder feature.

More FIFA 16 game tips, please keep continuous attention to our site.

Atletico Madrid in Advanced Talks with FIFA 16 Hero

Things could get a little more difficult on FIFA in the coming months.

Because Champions League finalists Atletico Madrid are set to pinch one of the top young talents.

And that means it’s going to even harder to sign him in FIFA 16.

One of the most talented youngsters in the latest instalment of the game, Youri Tielemans, is in advanced talks with the Spanish side ahead of a move this summer.

While it’s not been the best campaign for the talented Anderlecht midfielder, Atletico are still keen on taking him to La Liga.

And, according to reports in Belgium, the 19-year-old has visited Madrid in the last few days to seal a move.

Get ready to splash the cash because his asking price is sure to rise FIFA fans!

More information, please keep continuous attention to our site and we will bring lots of latest news for you.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Premier League Team of the Season Announced

The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team of the season for the Premier League has been revealed.

EA Sports posted a full listing of the lineup, which of course includes Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane up front.

Both players have been rated over 90 (Vardy 91, Kane 93), and considering both players’ regular cards were in the 70’s at the start of the season, it’s a sign of the incredible heights they’ve reached this year.

As you can imagine the rest of the lineup is dominated by Leicester City, with five players in the starting line-up. Surprisingly, David De Gea has not been given the nod as the starting goalkeeper, with Jack Butland instead being favoured.

To be fair, the Stoke stopper was having an incredible year before an unfortunate injury on international duty brought an abrupt end to his season.

More information, please keep continuous attention to our site. And we have coins to sell, you can buy coins in our site to prepare for the TOTS.